We all value cleanliness, it’s good for self-esteem and social acceptance. It reduces germs on the skin, and leaves us smelling fresh. It helps maintain skin integrity and avoid breakdown or infection. Cleanliness is important, but cleanliness is also a challenge.

In geriatric and immobile patients, skin can become less resilient, less elastic and thinner due to the loss of subdermal fat. That means the skin may be more sensitive and prone to injury including pressure ulcers thus making the need to take special care is it that much more important.

The practise of good patient hygiene is mandatory however the traditional basin bathing method may be preventing the patient from receiving the best possible care.  Medline has developed a complete bathing system that is a gentle, hypoallergenic, eliminates cross contamination and is cost effective. Patient bathing is a habitual need and Medline is offering a product that will do more than keep them clean and happy, it will keep patients healthy.  

  1. Issues with Traditional Basin Bathing Traditional bathing basin to bedridden patients is commonly practised throughout hospitals and other healthcare facilities, yet there are many factors to it that can be damaging to patient’s health.
  2. Why Use Wipes Using disposable wipes helps combat many of the disadvantages brought about from traditional basin bathing. It minimises the risk of cross contamination to the patient and provides a softer touch.
  3. EasyBath® is a Better Bath Medline has developed a comprehensive bedside bathing system to meet all patient bathing needs. The disposable wipes are user friendly, cost effective, and patient preferred.

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