The Ultrasorbs Moisture Management System is a great example of a small change that can make a big difference

Nursing in critical care, you strive to deliver the best possible care to your patients; care that is often complex and time consuming.

However, pressure on critical care teams working in health systems, like the National Health Service (NHS), has been considerable. This is the case, not only throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but also before the pandemic. Today, the challenge of delivering the best standard of care is clear to see, with critical bed occupancy rates as high as 87%.¹ The recommendation is 75%.² In addition, there are nurse vacancy rates of nearly 11%.³

At Medline, we recognise these challenges. And while no single product can resolve these challenges, the combined impact of the small changes that our nurse-led solutions bring can help make a big difference by:

  • Improving efficacy
  • Cutting unnecessary risk
  • Unlocking more time for care.


Featured: Ultrasorbs

Ultrasorbs Moisture Management System is a great example of a small change that can make a big difference.

Medline, Your Partner in Critical Care

Each solution in Medline’s range is designed around the needs of critical care nursing teams and their patients.

Both evaluation and implementation come with comprehensive training and education from our product specialists and clinical support teams—combined with dedicated account management and customer service support.


skin healthskin health

Skin Health Solutions

Incidence rates of moisture-associated skin damage (MASD) is as high as 29% in critical care units. Find out how we can help  you reduce the risk of your patients developing MASD.

MASD Awareness Day 2024MASD Awareness Day 2024

MASD Awareness Day

Download your materials and start planning. Join over 200 other healthcare organisations who are striving to help MINIMISE moisture-associated skin damage (MASD), by supporting MASD Awareness Day on 21 March 2024.

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Urological solution by MedlineUrological solution by Medline

Urological Solutions

40% of all healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) are catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs). Find out how we can help you reduce the risk of your patients developing CAUTIs.

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Clinicians for CLABSI preventionClinicians for CLABSI prevention

CLABSI Prevention

Vascular access is the rapid and direct access to the bloodstream to introduce or remove fluids. Vascular access management concerns the products and best practices used to reduce vascular-related complications like central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs).

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) PreventionVentilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) Prevention

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) Prevention

Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) is a leading cause of death in critically ill patients. Every year, many patients are diagnosed VAP. Those patients with VAP have both an increased length of stay, and a higher mortality risk.

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Critical Care Portfolio

Medline provides an extensive portfolio to assist clinicians in offering the appropriate support to patients during their facility stay. Below, you’ll find convenient access to our most popular products.

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The ICU Collection

Infection Prevention

Medline’s infection prevention products keep your patients feeling clean, dignified and protected from bacteria, while saving your staff’s precious time.

Personal cleansing

Medline offers lightly scented, pre-moistened wipes for continence care and clean-up, which can be used by healthcare staff or the patient. Available in flushable and disposable versions.

Personal cleansing products >>

Oral care

Medline’s oral care portfolio helps you maintain compliance with oral care guidelines for your most vulnerable patients while fighting ventilator-associated pneumonia and hospital-acquired pneumonia in your facility.

Oral care products >>


EasyBath water-free and rinse-free shampoo caps are easy and hygienic to use, helping ICU staff keep their patients' hair fresh and clean while reducing the time needed for this activity.

EasyBath shampoo cap >>

Patient bathing

Medline’s complete EasyBath® bathing system eliminates basins, tap water, linens and extra labour costs, not to mention crosscontamination.

Patient bathing products >>

Catheter securement dressings and devices

This rinse-free bathing solution offers better, more consistent and more sanitary skincare for your patient, which ultimately helps reduce the risk of infections in the ICU.

Securement dressings >>

Urinary Catheterisation CareSet

This kit includes all sterile and disposable components you need, like drapes, a syringe (prefilled with NaCl and/or gel), exam gloves, forceps and swabs, for this procedure in one handy blister pack.

Skin Health

An essential part of taking care of your patient’s skin and combatting MASD involves manging moisture and protecting the skin from excessive or prolonged exposure to corrosive bodily fluids. It is important to adopt a holistic approach to moisture management as there are numerous sources of moisture to manage for a critically ill patient.

Moisture management

Medline’s Ultrasorbs Drypads with moisture wicking technology are designed for effective moisture management.

Ultrasorbs solutions >>

Skin protection

Medline offers barrier protection products for intact or damaged skin exposed to a range of contaminants or irritants, friction or shear.

Marathon® Liquid Skin Protectant >>

Patient repositioning and pressure offloading

Comfort Glide is a 3-component solution that directly address the challenge of patient repositioning while striking a balance between pressure offloading and the safety of healthcare workers.

Comfort glide products >>

Fluid Management

As a global provider of comprehensive fluid management solutions, Medline offers a wide range of high-quality products that fully meet the clinical requirements for fluid removal. Choosing a suitable fluid management solution is an important step to provide the best and most efficient care possible and is fundamental to ensuring the safety of patients and healthcare personnel.

Suction systems

Our MED-SOFT solution, made of reusable canisters and single patient-use liners with capacities ranging from 1 litre to 1.5 litres, is designed for safe and easy handling of fluids.

View our suction systems >>

Suction tubing and accessories

Medline’s tubing provides a secure fit on a wide range of suction accessories, ensures a maximum flow rate and avoids internal bottlenecks.

View our suction accessories >>

Protective Apparel

Medline’s personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical device (MD) products help safeguard healthcare professionals and ICU visitors, and contribute to better infection control in the ICU environment.

Respirator facemasks

These types of facemasks can be used to protect your staff and patients from airborne pathogens. Based on EN149 standards, there are three classifications according to filter performance, FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3, with recommended use relating to risk of infection. Medline offers all three types, which are available with or without a valve, and in a flat or cone shape.

View our respirator facemasks >>

Scrub wear

Low-linting, latexfree and fluid-resistant, our disposable scrub suits offer your staff comfort and modesty with their soft and opaque SMS fabrics, which are available in three ranges and three colours. These scrub suits were designed in collaboration with healthcare professionals and offer features like pockets and waist ties.

View our scrub suits >>

Impervious isolation gowns

Medline offers a variety of other isolation gowns in its broad portfolio of protective apparel to help keep your staff members protected and comfortable.

View our impervious gowns >>

Exam gloves

Medline offers an extensive exam glove portfolio, with two gloves particularly well-suited to the needs of the ICU. Both of these gloves are classified as PPE category III, offering the highest level of PPE protection, designed to protect users from risks with very severe consequences.

Medline’s SensiCare® Pro powder-free, non-sterile, nitrile exam gloves are optimal for protection against bacteria, chemicals, chemotherapy drugs and viruses, and resistant to abrasion, tears and holes.

Medline’s Sterile Procedure Nitrile exam gloves are ideal for situations where increased protection and sterility are required.


Covering your head and hair helps reduce the risk of foreign particles and protects patients from potential contamination. Choose from three headwear lines manufactured from carefully selected breathable materials that meet your quality expectations and budget.

View our medical headwear >>

Eye and face protection

For optimal protection of the eyes and face, Medline offers disposable face shields and eyewear lenses to maintain a high level of hygiene and contribute to infection control.

View our medical staff eyewear >>


Medline’s footwear range helps prevent environmental contamination and reduces the transmission of microorganisms in the ICU. The portfolio includes shoe covers and boot covers manufactured from a range of materials and in designs for varying levels of protection.

View our medical staff footwear >>

Other Essentials

In addition to our four key ICU product categories, we also offer many handy essentials to help you with your day-to-day tasks in the ICU.

Medline can Help!

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