Falls. They can happen to anyone.

Healthcare professionals understand that preventing falls, and the harm caused by falls, is incredibly difficult given their multifactorial nature.

For this reason, Medline has put together a number of resources to guide you. We offer practical tips and recommendations to help prevent falls in your hospital and a solution that offers a wide spectrum of quality products and a unique falls management programme to help drive best practices.

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We are already preparing for Falls Awareness Week 2021!


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Falls Awareness Week

“What can I do to stop a fall?”

This question is more relevant than ever, as many have reported a deterioration in the health of in-patients, meaning more patients have a higher risk of falling.

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Falls Prevention in HospitalsFalls Prevention in Hospitals

Falls Prevention in Hospitals

Studies show that one in three individuals over the age of 65 will fall each year in the UK. To minimise the cost and consequences of falls, hospitals need to implement and respect high standards and guidelines for patient safety.

Falls Prevention ProgrammeFalls Prevention Programme

Falls Prevention Programme

We are here to support the development of your falls prevention programme. Find out more about our falls prevention networks, clinical support and patient education.

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