Prevention of Falls

A fall can be life-changing.

‘The world’s population is ageing. Falls and related injuries are increasingly common, making their prevention and management a critical global challenge.’ ¹

Today, there are over 400 different risk factors that can lead to a fall, so there is no single intervention that works in isolation to prevent one. However, education and awareness are critical to the success of any falls prevention programme.

For this reason, Medline has put together a number of educational resources to guide you. We offer practical tips and recommendations to help prevent falls in your hospital. We also provide a solution that includes a wide spectrum of high-quality products and a unique falls management programme to help drive best practices.


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Our Falls Prevention Programme

Falls Awareness Week

Let’s use this Falls Awareness Week to turn awareness into action on falls prevention.
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Falls Prevention NetworkFalls Prevention Network

Falls Prevention Network

This network is open to everyone who is passionate about the prevention of falls in care settings.

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Falls Prevention in HospitalsFalls Prevention in Hospitals

Falls Prevention Education

A great starting point for everyone on falls prevention.

Falls Prevention Articles

Impact of Patient Falls
Falls do not just ‘happen’, as many are avoidable. And the overall cost of falls in the UK is an estimated £4.4 billion.
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The Power of Networking
Networking with your peers as a falls prevention practitioner is essential. Find out more about the Falls Prevention Network (FPN).
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Think Yellow
Many great ideas, unfortunately, never come to fruition because no one lights the spark. Find out how Jayne Flood’s ‘Think Yellow’ initiative lit the spark on visual cueing.
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How to use visual cueing and Medline's yellow Falls Prevention kits