Medline + Hudson RCI®

Bringing you world-class respiratory solutions

Transforming how respiratory care is delivered and experienced

The Hudson RCI portfolio is considered the gold standard within the respiratory space and we are very proud to have it as part of our offering.

This acquisition allows Medline to have more options and possibilities to better meet your needs and the needs of your patients, from hospital to home. It helps you really reduce your overall costs, improve your clinical outcomes and create efficiencies in your business.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide you more options, better service and superior solutions.

Meeting every respiratory need from hospital to home

Optimise your respiratory formulary with our comprehensive portfolio of products. Driven by best practices, our products deliver the uncompromising quality and performance required to care for the complex needs of your patients across the continuum.

Oxygen therapy

Medication delivery

Incentive spirometers

Our product portfolio

Nasal cannulas

Skin irritation is an uncomfortable side effect of nasal cannula usage. How do you cope with this challenge?

Extremely lightweight and flexible, the SOFTECH® cannulas are anatomically designed to enhance patient acceptance and comfort thanks to their DEHP-free material. Adult, paediatric, infant and neonatal sizes are available.

Oxygen masks

Mask size and fit are essential to deliver optimal therapy.

We are proud to offer a variety of oxygen masks able to fit different therapy needs and in various patient sizes.

Small-volume nebulisers

Not all patients are able to sit up without assistance. What can you do to ensure the delivery of optimal aerosol therapy?

The MICRO MIST® nebuliser produces a fine, dense mist at angles up to 90° with optimal particle size, efficient nebulisation rates and minimal residuals. Configurations for mechanically ventilated patient are also available.

Incentive spirometers

Are you aware that incentive spirometry has been shown to effectively guard against post-operative atelectasis in high-risk patients?¹

Our flow or volume incentive spirometers use an intuitive design to help patients correctly perform and monitor their post-surgical breathing exercises.


Did you know pre-filled disposable oxygen humidification units have been shown to decrease the likelihood of contamination when compared to reusable humidifiers?²

Hudson AQUAPAK® pre-filled humidifiers combine an easy-to-use adaptor with a unique safety valve and a choice of different sterile water reservoir bottle configurations.

Product spotlight

Voldyne® Volumetric Exerciser

Help patients improve lung function and elevate outcomes.

Incentive spirometry has been shown to effectively guard against post-operative atelectasis in high-risk patients.¹

That’s why we developed the Voldyne® Volumetric Exerciser.  

This high-performing device helps patients exercise their lungs by helping them breathe more deeply and fully, strengthening lung capacity and keeping them clear.

Innovative approach

Optimising operating efficiency and performance

From SKU reduction and best practice implementation to supply management processes, our industry-tested products help you and your team increase clinician efficiency, improve patient safety and streamline operations while controlling costs.

Extended services

Delivering what you need with our end-to-end supply chain

We control the entire supply chain, enabling us to reliably deliver the products you need, when and where you need them.

Let us help you achieve your respiratory goals!

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¹ Wilkins R, Stroller J, Macmarek R. Egan's, Fundamentals of Respiratory Care. Tenth Edition. 2014. p. 948.
² Golar SD, Sutherland LL, Ford GT. Multipatient use of prefilled disposable oxygen humidifiers for up to 30 days: patient safety and cost analysis. Respiratory Care. 1993 Apr;38(4):343-7. PMID: 10145893.