19 – 25 September 2022

Keep moving this falls awareness week!

The issue of patient deconditioning has never been more important. Accident and emergency (A&E) teams, for example, have reported increases in unplanned admissions of patients with more complex needs, including deconditioning.

Impacts of patient deconditioning

When you look at reports like ‘Wider impacts of COVID-19 on physical activity, deconditioning and falls in older adults’, it is almost impossible to overlook the correlation between reduced physical activity and the range of challenges A&Es face daily. According to included findings, an increase in activity levels of just 10%, compared to 2020, could potentially save more than 4,500 older adults from having a fall.¹

Not only would this increased activity save as much as £16 million in health and social care-related costs, but more than 4,500 patients and their families could potentially avoid suffering the long-lasting trauma of a fall.

Action against falls

We can use ‘Falls Awareness Week 2022’ to encourage older adults to start doing some of those activities they loved doing before COVID-19—whether that is doing a bit of walking, dancing, swimming or even a Parkrun event.

The idea is to focus on what is easiest and that should make it more likely for those activities to become a habit.

#KeepMoving and #ThinkFalls

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Falls Awareness Week Webinars

20 September – Walking Stick Health Check Week
Paul Mills, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Time: 12 – 1pm (BST)

21 September - Deconditioning vs Reconditioning #endPJparalysis

Prof. Brian Dolan, Health Service 360
Dr. Amit Arora, Consultant Geriatrician, University of North Midlands
Time: 12-1pm (BST)

22 September – Fear of falling: Consequences for balance and falls
Toby Ellmers PhD, Imperial College London
Time: 12 – 1pm (BST)

23 September – Keep On Keep Up (KOKU) – The importance of strength and balance to combat deconditioning
Dr. Emma Stanmore, Healthy Ageing Research Group lead and member of Digital Health Research Groups, University of Manchester
Time: 12 – 1pm (BST)

Partners for Falls Awareness Week 2022

Our partners have a wealth of resources to support you as you help your patients to recondition and get their lives back.

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A look back at Falls Awareness Week 2021

Many of your great local campaign activities are pictured below.


1. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-wider-impacts-on-people-aged-65-and-over