Blue Latex-Free Tourniquet

Medline’s Blue Latex-Free Tourniquet is a single-use tourniquet for patients requiring venous blood sampling and intravenous cannulation.

It is individually rolled and banded, and made of a synthetic polymer. In order to reduce the risk of contamination, Medline promotes a single-use policy for tourniquets. In addition to being single-use, the Blue Latex-Free Tourniquet offers an unbeatable combination of value, quality and ease of use, and is a cost-effective alternative to reusable tourniquets.

Furthermore, the tourniquet remains secure while in use due to its comfortable, latex-free texture. Safety protocols recommend disposing of the tourniquet in a clinical waste bin after use.

How it works:

First, place the tourniquet around the arm, cross the tourniquet and stretch.

Then continue stretching the tourniquet, hold one end of it down, take the other end and then loop it back under where the tourniquet straps cross. When forming the bow, one end should be longer than the other.

The longer end should cross above the shorter one. This allows for the tourniquet to be tucked under when making the bow.

Do NOT tie a knot as removal will be challenging and may cause discomfort to the patient. With this in mind, tuck one end under the other so the tourniquet remains securely in place.

Next, remove the tourniquet by pulling the end that is tucked under. Finally, dispose of the tourniquet after use.

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