Compass for Compartment Pressure

You suspect compartment syndrome.
Are you 100% sure?

Delays and misdiagnoses can have catastrophic consequences. Nerves and tissue can die and muscles can be damaged quickly.

With compartment syndrome, early detection is vitally important. Patients who receive an early fasciotomy experience:

  • A 16.1% lower rate of amputation
  • A 7.9% lower rate of infection
  • Significantly shorter hospital stays.

Confirming compartment syndrome quickly and confidently can be difficult. However, this confirmation is critical for your next course of action.

Measure compartment pressure precisely in just seconds

Early detection of compartment syndrome is key to both management and treatment.

The sterile, single-use Compass provides a simple, precise, indisputable digital pressure reading of compartment pressure instantly.

Confidence to make the call with Compass UniversalHG

  • Designed for early, accurate measurement of compartment pressure

  • Prevents misdiagnosis and the long-term complications caused by delayed diagnosis

  • Faster, easier to use and less expensive than existing methods

  • Compatible with almost all syringes, any gauge needle and all luer connections


Diagnosing compartment syndrome with Professor Paul Lee, leading Specialist in Sports, Regenerative and Orthopaedic Surgery


How to prepare Compass UniversalHg for use

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