Medline provides a comprehensive anesthesia product portfolio, supporting all your anesthesia product needs. Our portfolio includes anesthesia masks, anesthesia breathing circuits and anesthesia breathing bags, complete with a full line of high-quality dual-limb and coaxial circuits with adult and pediatric diameters and accessories for general anesthesia products to meet all clinician preferences. Our priority at Medline is to increase safety for patients and clinicians. Therefore, our products are free of natural rubber latex.<br />Our coaxial single-limb circuits help keep the anesthesia field clutter-free and organised. Because the breathing circuits are colour-coded, they allows for easy size identification between pediatric and adult diameters. All dual-limb circuits are available as corrugated and expandable, with a wide variety of configurations that can be customised to meet specific needs. Lightweight, flexible and transparent tubes, together with a wide variety of lengths, provide comfort and accommodate all patient positioning needs.<br />Medline’s anesthesia masks are engineered for the right grip, offering an ergonomic breathing mask that keeps a tight seal on unique patients without overstressing your grip. You can relax your hand because of the finger grips, which provide all hand sizes maximum access to the patient’s mandible.<br />All Medline breathing bags are 100 per cent ISO 5362 compliant to meet anesthesia needs.