Medline is your strategic business partner. We offer a broad array of products that are tailored to meet your needs in the operating theatre and for patient care. As a global manufacturer and distributor, Medline offers unparalleled SPTs, drapes and gowns, surgical and exam gloves, moisture management solutions, personal protective apparel, facemasks, fluid management, patient hygiene, patient wear and advanced wound care products. Some of our key products are featured in the menu on the left (Fluid Management, QuickSuite, SPTs, Surgical Gloves, Ultrasorbs, Hospital Respiratory Equipment). In addition to products, we also provide solutions and services that keep you focused on what matters most, the patient.

Our Online Product Catalogues

Medline is always listening to the market and offering new products and solutions to respond to ever-changing needs and requirements. The product catalogue organises Medline products by category so you can quickly find what you are looking for and learn about complementary products. The links below will take you to our product catalogues.

Our Solutions

Additionally, we offer solutions, which consist of ways to organise processes and the accompanying products, to improve patient care and make sure you and your patients stay safe. Furthermore, our supply management and logistical services are designed to improve efficiency, keep your facility running smoothly and lower your costs. You can read more about these services and solutions by clicking below.

  1. Sterile Procedure Trays Medline helps health care providers to organize processes in the OR efficiently, so the focus can be where it should be: on the patient.
  2. Infection Prevention Medline offers various solutions to help you reduce the rate of healthcare-acquired infections and elevate patient safety.
  3. Logistical Services Medline offers a variety of logistical services that make us not only a manufacturer and distributor but also your logistics partner.

Our Knowledge Base

Healthcare professionals encounter many challenges daily, and Medline strives to make your job easier and help you perform at your very best. We do this not only with our products and solutions but also by offering recommendations and guidelines on common issues encountered in the medical field. It is our goal to keep you up-to-date on industry knowledge and best practices. We take a look at situations that might occur in a healthcare facility and analyse the impact they can have on the patients, the staff and/or the facility. Medline also explores how we can help you solve and prevent these issues by providing advice and suggesting solutions and products for both patients and staff. Please find the links to the country-specific Knowledge Bases below to read more about these topics.

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