QuickSuite OR Table Kits

Medline’s QuickSuite® OR Table Kits contain an assortment of disposable components used before and after a surgical procedure to rapidly set up and clean up the operating theatre table.

The Sahara Absorbent OR Table Sheet is a great way to not only to improve patient comfort during a surgical procedure but also to protect the operating table with the sheet’s impervious layer. The Sahara sheet can be purchased as a single item or as part of one of our various OR Table Kits.

Advance Your Operating Theatre

  • Promote safety: Protects the patient’s skin and helps reduce cross contamination
  • Improve efficiency: Helps reduce operating theatre turnover time
  • Reduce costs: Helps save money and time for the laundering of reusable linens



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Sahara Absorbent OR Table Sheet Features

  • Core polymer technology that rapidly wicks moisture away, maintaining skin integrity 
  • Measures 102 x 229 cm or 102 x 152 cm for full operating table coverage 
  • Quilted smooth surface 
  • Disposable design that creates a low risk for harbouring bacteria 
  • Radiolucent 
  • Sahara Grippy: ideal for surgical procedures that require a tilted position

Components in QuickSuite® OR Table Kits

  • Sahara OR Table Sheet 
  • Draw/lift sheet 
  • Arm board covers 
  • Headboard cover