Sábana para Mano Advanced Reforzada

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Medline standard drape collection features our tried and tested SMS fabric, composed of five strong fibre layers for exceptionally high barrier strength.Made of 100% polypropylene, SMS drapes are soft and drapable.The latest generation SMS technology drapes have low linting properties and a very uniform fibre lay-down for consistent performance.
Documento BRO_Surgical_Drape_ML610-ES_April_2020.pdf Descargar
Documento BRO_Surgical_Drape_ML610-ES_April_2020.pdf Descargar
Documento DC080A_Surgical_procedure _drapes_sterile.pdf
Documento CE597089_Medline_France.pdf
Documento ISO13485_Medline_France_Certificate_MD595395.pdf
Documento TDS_OrthopedicDrape_DYNJPE8005SM_ES01.pdf
Documento DYNJPE8005SM_LAB200958_LAB200959.pdf
Documento SM29419CE_LAB210381_LAB210380.pdf
Documento TDS_OrthopedicDrape_SM29419CE_ES01.pdf
Información para Pedidos
Referencia Dimensiones Cantidad por caja
SM29419CE 196 x 373cm - 135 x 163cm 12
DYNJPE8005SM 196/371 x 292 cm 18

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