Medline offers various solutions to help you reduce the rate of healthcare-acquired infections and elevate patient safety.

Protective Apparel

Medline protective apparel helps safeguard healthcare professionals and hospital visitors and contributes to better infection control in your facility. Medline has been manufacturing protective apparel for over 40 years and uses high-quality materials that offer great protection and comfort. Medline offers numerous surgical gowns and disposable scrub suits.

Surgical gowns

  • An extensive choice: To satisfy any preference in the operating theatre, we offer five different fabric options for surgical gowns, each with its own distinct style and reinforcement.
  • Dependable protection: Medline’s gown fabrics offer high protection. Each gown is latex-free and meets or exceeds the minimum performance requirements of the EN 13795 standard.
  • High performance with high comfort: All of our surgical gowns offer theatre staff excellent comfort and ease of use. High-tech breathable fabrics keep the wearer comfortable and dry, even during long procedures. The gowns feature sleeves with glued seams, which contribute to greater strength and comfort.
  • Easy to use: All Medline surgical gowns feature intuitive colour coding for easier gown selection in the operating theatre. In addition, we offer three different gown collar colours to quickly identify the gown style: standard, fabric reinforced or poly-reinforced.

Disposable scrub suits

Medline single-use scrub suits are manufactured from breathable SMS material. The products are intended to be used by healthcare professionals in hospitals and clinics to maintain a high level of hygiene and contribute to infection control.

Face Masks

Medline has developed innovative facemasks in partnership with healthcare professionals, examining their needs to provide appropriate solutions.

  • Vital protection: All Medline surgical and procedure masks are latex-free and have bacterial filtration efficiencies exceeding 98 per cent.
  • Breathability: Medline masks provide the enhanced comfort your clinicians need for extended procedures because the air can circulate in both directions. Harmful bacteria stays out, but the air can continue to flow, leaving the wearer cool and comfortable.
  • Innovative packaging: With Medline’s packaging, your staff can instantly identify many important mask features.

VAP Prevention

Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) is one of the most common infections occurring in patients in the ICU and hospital and is considered a serious health risk, which can significantly increase care costs. Ventilated patients in the ICU are at the highest risk for infection and therefore require the most intensive and comprehensive care. To help you address this risk, Medline offers oral care kits and a Knowledge Base series on preventing VAP.

Medline oral care kits

Performing regular oral care on your ventilated patients remains an easy and important step in reducing the opportunities for VAP to develop. Medline oral care kits are designed to prevent VAP. They include everything you need to perform oral care at the right time and in the right quantity, and thus help promote best practices in your facility. Different configurations are available with a comprehensive range of oral swab, toothbrush, suction brush (treated or untreated) and rinse solutions.


OR Necessities

Gold Standard items, like needle counters, transfer trays, scalpel holders and S.T.O.P. Safety Flags, support initiatives from organisations like the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and European Operating Room Nurses Association (EORNA), to support safety in the operating theatre for both healthcare professionals and patients. Gold Standard products have a design that makes best-practice techniques more intuitive.

Safety deserves attention

Studies have proven that time-out verification using the surgical safety checklist recommended by WHO decreases surgical complications. Medline’s S.T.O.P. Safety Flag can help with this process.

Prevention of sharps injuries in the hospital is also very important. According to the CDC, 68 per cent of needle sticks are preventable.¹ In the operating theatre, cuts and needle sticks occur in as many as 15 per cent of procedures, and up to 16 per cent of injuries occur while passing sharps. Using transfer trays and scalpel holders can help reduce instances of cuts and sticks.

Gold Standard products have innovative safety features that promote:

  • Correct-site surgery
  • Sharps safety
  • Compliance with European patient safety initiatives and European regulations
  • Attention, as the gold colour stands out from the typical blue and green draping products


¹ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 'Preventing Needlesticks', Part III - Safe Work Practices, available at:

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