Medline Expands Portfolio with Penta Ferte Sterile Field Pre-Filled Syringes

29 Nov

Medline Europe is pleased to announce its partnership with Pentaferte Italia for the distribution of their portfolio of sterile field pre-filled syringes. This market-leading brand is globally trusted and features a complete range of sterile pre-filled syringes for the flushing of vascular access devices.


This new range of syringes—filled with 0.9 per cent saline solution (NaCl) for the flushing of central and peripheral vascular access devices—provides a solution designed for minimising the risk of catheter occlusion, infection and mixing medication. In addition, these syringes are intended to facilitate the application of the sterile technique. The range includes PentaFlush pre-filled saline syringes, which are made for use in sterile fields, as each is sterile, both inside and outside. Options for volume capabilities include 3, 5, 10 and 20 milliliters, in order to help clinicians adapt to different needs.


Customers can request further information or begin placing orders via this e-mail.


The extension of our portfolio signals our staunch commitment to the vascular access market and our dedication to providing a comprehensive offering to effectively meet healthcare needs.

About Penta Ferte Italia

Founded in 1980, Pentaferte Italia is a leading company in the production of medical devices for the hospital and pharmaceutical markets. It cooperates with the major world leaders in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, focusing on infusion. Pentaferte Italia also designs and manufactures different products for third parties, taking care of every single production phase. Located in Italy, Pentaferte operates worldwide. In October 2022, Pentaferte Italia became part of the Delta Med Group. Through the aggregation of key companies in their sector, the new group aims to become a European leader in healthcare, for the hospital and home sectors.

About Medline Europe

Medline Europe is an international manufacturer and global distributor of medical and surgical devices for use in a range of healthcare institutions along the continuum of care. It also provides the clinical and supply chain resources required for long-term financial viability in delivering high-quality care. With top-tier market share in more than a dozen major medical product categories, and over 1,000 employees throughout 16 countries, Medline has built a reputation of consistently investing in the needs of its customer base and the healthcare industry at large. Its overall mission is to positively impact the market and industry through innovative, customisable and readily available products, services and solutions. Medline Europe is headquartered in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Learn more about Medline Europe at

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