Medline’s Ultrasorbs® Get a New Look to Help Caregivers Provide Excellent Care

18 Oct

Since their launch in 2018, Medline’s Ultrasorbs® drypads have proven to be a valuable and effective preventative solution against moisture-associated skin damage (MASD) in dependent patients. Medline is the undisputed market leader in Europe for this sector. 

In our efforts to assist healthcare employees in providing superior patient care, Medline is pleased to announce a new categorisation for Ultrasorbs. This innovative approach, with new colour-coded back sheets, will help customers all over Europe make the right product choice more easily. Our new categorisation addresses different patient needs with a varied range of features: 

Given the success and efficacy of Ultrasorbs, we have kept its features unchanged. Only the back sheet colour will change for better and easier product choice. 


In the fight against MASD, we cannot afford to just be observant. Prevention, in terms of products and care practices, is essential in reducing the medical and economic consequences of MASD, and Ultrasorbs has the innovative technology to do so.  


Currently, 29 per cent of patients in intensive care units (ICUs) still experience painful moisture damage that is preventable. Additionally, MASD has economic consequences for the healthcare system, like lengthened hospital stays and the cost of pharmacological and topical treatments. 


About Ultrasorbs 


Ultrasorbs are multi-layer superabsorbent pads with an ultra-soft top layer for comfort, a core composed of SAP (a superabsorbent polymer) and a microporous back layer that effectively protects the bed surface from strikethrough. SAP wicks moisture away from the skin of the patient, and the different tensile strengths of the back layers allow for additional lifting capacity. 


The Ultrasorbs structure is breathable, allowing for adequate airflow, which helps keep the patient comfortable and their skin thermo-regulated and dry. 

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