Medline Manufactures First Namic Kits at Partizánské Facility

17 Apr

Medline Europe is pleased to announce that its facility in Partizánské has produced the first set of Namic fluid management kits.


This represents a first step towards a more global approach that will help increase the number of Medline-produced Namic fluid management kits in Europe, as well as a milestone for the plant, which opened last year May in Slovakia.


Medline's Namic fluid management is a range of products used during cardiac catheterisation chamber, interventional radiology and vascular-related surgeries. These products work together to create an efficient, closed system to help manage salt, contrast and waste fluids, for example, while measuring pressure during endovascular procedures.


Previously, these kits were manufactured at a Medline-acquired facility in Glens Falls, United States. However, by 30 March 2023, Medline kicked off a project to facilitate the relocation of the production of Namic kits to Medline Assembly, its first and only production plant in East Central Europe.


During this project, quality and regulatory assurance teams tested the production output in several phases. It was crucial to know whether Medline could deliver the product in line with required standards through the trial batch of kits. The results of the series of tests were positive, thereby making the project kick-off a success.

Namic kits tesing processNamic kits tesing process

Future impact   

This new production capacity allows the Medline organisation throughout Europe to better address customers’ needs by facilitating the availability of products and solutions it can now produce on demand regionally. The main goal was to be closer to customers to whom it delivers across Europe and develop a more flexible delivery strategy, towards improving frequency and reach.


Namic Kits produced at Medline Assembly Slovakia will be delivered to customers across Europe and, by extension, the United Kingdom.