Medline Donates to Four Breast Cancer Charities

2 Nov

Due to the ongoing pandemic and stress on European healthcare workers, we have decided to cancel our 2021 Pink Glove Photo Competition (PGPC). However, in the spirit of Pink October, we would like to continue to support breast cancer awareness and research, a cause central to Medline’s CSR programme. As a way to recognise our past winners, we reached out to the four former competition champions and asked them to nominate a breast cancer charity or organisation of their choice. Medline is happy to support the four organisations listed below with a cash donation.

Fundacío Privada Oncolliga Girona, Spain


Selected by our 2016 winner: Clínica Bofill, Spain

KEFI of ATHENS - Association of Cancer Patients, Greece

Selected by our 2017 winner: BREAST HEALTH CENTER - Dr Natasa Pazaiti, Greece

A.N.D.O.S. Associazione Nazionale Donne Operate al Seno, Italy


Selected by our 2018 winner: Hospital Senigallia, Italy

Asociación Almohada del Corazón León, Spain


Selected by our 2019 winner: Hospital de León, Spain

We thank all of these organisations, our past PGPC contestants and healthcare workers around the world for their dedicated work.