Medline Donates Medical Supplies to the Ukrainian People through the European Commission

5 Dec

Due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Medline felt compelled to act, and our contribution of medical supplies remains timely and necessary. Thanks to our partnership with the European Commission’s rescEU programme, we are pleased to announce that we recently successfully concluded our donation of medical supplies to assist the people of Ukraine.


Medline’s contribution to the government of Ukraine consisted of 59 pallets and 14 tonnes of medical supplies such as scrub suits, oxygen therapy equipment, delivery kits, and scalpels and sutures. This aid was coordinated via the European Commission Civil Protection Mechanism.


Product donations are a key component of our CSR programme, and we are pleased to be able to support and continuing supporting the Ukrainian people with our medical products.

Ukrainian and Euopean commission flagsUkrainian and Euopean commission flags