Cap Manufacturing, a Major Reorganisation Project for Medline Assembly France in Châteaubriant

21 Oct

Medline is reorganising its production workshop and warehouse to improve management and communication processes there, as well as monitoring and continuous improvement of performance. This is a key project for the company involving many changes for staff members. Previously, a team leader could supervise up to 70 staff members, resulting in a lack of local management that could impact communication within the team.


To support the staff, Medline Assembly France has called upon PASCA (Pôle Achats Supply Chain Atlantique) and Groupe IMT* to set up a customised training and certification training plan, the main pillars of which are:

  • Support over time
  • Balance between individual and collective training
  • Taking staff feedback into account.


The deployment of this plan falls within the agenda for setting up new teams, coupled with the integration of a new activity-monitoring IT tool to resolve problems faster.


After two years, the project is coming to an end with a positive outcome, despite several disruptions to planning linked to the pandemic. The company has observed better team cohesion, better understanding of performance challenges and an improvement in communication.


The professional and personal commitment of managers for this training programme has been recognised with a professional qualification certificate (PQC), which all candidates obtained after presenting a dossier and a continuous improvement project.

*Project players:

PASCA, a centre of expertise working for the development of competitiveness in logistics chains and companies in Pays de la Loire

Group IMT, a training organisation specialising in manufacturing skills for the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and cosmetic industries

Medline employees' project experiences

Working on this project with outside contributors was very beneficial. It allowed us to bring a fresh perspective without preconceived ideas and reduce participants' obstacles. The direct link between training and the field makes it possible to learn more easily by putting actions into practice immediately and testing them. Also, our feedback from the field enriches the training sessions.

(Françoise Guiheux, Production Team Leader)

I am proud of my work, particularly achieving distinction in the PQC. It was not always easy; I had to juggle work with training. I had difficulty producing the dossier, but the trainers always encouraged me to go further. Today, I consider that this project and the training were necessary.

 (Nadine Couëdel, Production Team Leader)

The support and the training have increased my confidence. Even though the job of Team Leader may seem logical in the development of my career, I did not expect to be offered it so quickly. Initially, I did not feel that I could shoulder the responsibility and that I was putting myself under a lot of pressure. Finally, I found my place with my team and my manager.

(Sabrina Mariette, Warehouse Logistics Team Leader)

I have improved my understanding of how Medline operates and am able to convey and explain the company objectives to the team in order to improve our performance. Today, I am calmer in the way I communicate with the team and more precise in my recommendations. In return, I feel recognition from the team for my commitment to professional development and that I have earned my position.

(Tanguy Charpentier, Warehouse Logistics Team Leader)