Best practice success story: AmberCell Solutions and customised SPTs with RFID

… In March 2021 AmberCell Solutions signed a three-year contract for nine different Medline SPT solutions with RFID, tailored to their customers’ needs. These SPT packs will be produced with RFID tags included, which will allow the hospital to manage their inventory more efficiently. At the same time, installing RFID scanners at the facility will create future business opportunities!

What was the key to success?

Medline collaborated very closely and daily with the AmberCell Solutions team about all project steps and its implementation. And AmberCell Solution’s dedication to the project was essential to its success! This combination was a winning recipe for a successful SPT tender.

We hope we can experience even more of these long-term, strategic business opportunities with all of our valued distributor partners! Please contact your account manager for more information on project collaboration. And if you’d like more information about SPTs or RFID, please contact the Product Manager, Carlos Tapias.

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