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New RFID technology for sterile procedure trays

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Clear Thermo Cover - How to Use Clear Thermo Cover

Main steps for setting Thermo Cover up on the stand.

Clear Thermo Cover

Single packed clear thermo cover. Provides the appropriate sterile barrier when sterile water needs to be warmed during surgeries.Fits on most stainless steel bowls used on warmers available on the market and is highly puncture resistant with a strong polyethylene film.


The Prolance push-button activated lancets are used to perform finger pricks on adults and children in order to collect micro samples of capillary blood.

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Double Gloving Technique

Decrease cross contamination risks during surgery with Medline gloving combination.

Falls Prevention Education

Introducing MedStock

MedStock is a new inventory management solution created by Medline. MedStock is a handheld automated system that manages one or several inventory areas within the healthcare facility by scanning the barcodes on the products.

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Introducing SensiCare® Pro Nitrile

Medline's SensiCare Pro nitrile gloves provide exceptional protection, fit, and performance. They are designed for staff that use harsh chemicals in general tasks and procedures or clean, decontaminate, and disinfect surgical instruments.

Medline Quicksuite® OR Table Kit

The QuickSuite® OR table kit contains an assortment of disposable components that are used to easily and efficiently set up and clean up the OR Table before and after surgery. The QuickSuite kit helps boost efficiency in the Operating Room, protect the OR table with the impervious covers and protect the patient's skin with the absorption of bodily fluids.

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Medline SPT - What matters most

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Medline VaPrevent

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