Sterile Needle Counter with Blade Remover

Medline offers surgical needle counters in foam block, adhesive and magnet configurations to contain used needles during a procedure. They come in counts ranging from 10 to 60 that also include surgical blade removers. The attached adhesive tabs secure the counters to any workspace, and the counter itself separates in half for dual usage in different areas.

Medline’s Gold Standard Surgical Needle Counter, with a built-in blade disarmer, ensures the surgical team does not have to use a haemostat. When utilising conventional or non-safety sharps, it is critical to develop a sharks handling protocol for safe practices. That’s why the built-in surgical blade removal component is so important for preventing accidental injury that can happen when removing blades from scalpel handles. Prevention of sharps injuries in the hospital is a critical topic, and integrating Medline’s Gold Standard sharps safety products into your hospital’s protocol will help reduce the risk of injuries to your clinical staff.

Gold Standard products, like this needle safety counter, are designed to make best-practice techniques more intuitive for clinicians, and our gold-coloured products allow for easy identification in the operating theatre, standing out against the typical blue and green of draping products.

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Product Specifications

Disposable Yes

Ordering Information

SKU Colour Needle count Needle holder Pack factor
SKU: GSNCF40MBRCE Colour: Gold Needle count: 40 Needle holder: Foam/magnet Packaging: 50 EA/CS
SKU: GSNCF20MBRCE Colour: Gold Needle count: 20 Needle holder: Foam/magnet Packaging: 50 EA/CS
SKU: NC60MMBRCE Colour: Red Needle count: 60 Needle holder: Double magnet Packaging: 50 EA/CS
SKU: NCF20ABRCE Colour: Red Needle count: 20 Needle holder: Foam/adhesive Packaging: 50 EA/CS
SKU: GSNCF10MBRCE Colour: Gold Needle count: 10 Needle holder: Foam/magnet Packaging: 50 EA/CS
SKU: NC30MMBRCE Colour: Red Needle count: 30 Needle holder: Double magnet Packaging: 50 EA/CS
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