What are your challenges with patient repositioning?

Patient repositioning stats

Comfort Glide is your solution

Comfort Glide provides caregivers the important tools to safely boost, turn, reposition and transfer patients based on your facility's safe patient handling requirements.

Safe patient handling is equally important to patients as it is to you and your staff. Frequent repositioning using transfer aids to reduce friction and shear is recommended to help prevent the development of pressure injuries.5

Comfort Glide products

Patient Benefits

  • Wedges provide the EPUAP recommended angle for offloading.
  • Moisture management pad keeps the patient's skin dry.
  • Comfort Glide solution provides a better patient experience and improves outcomes.

Caregiver Benefits

  • Provides the proper tools for caregivers to reposition patients
  • Improves health and safety of workers
  • Makes it easy to follow facility protocols

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