Medline International France achieves A++ in a major customer’s 2017 Environmental Index


An important French GPO, CAHPP, has awarded Medline International France the best grade a supplier can achieve for environmentally friendly operations.

Once a year CAHPP organises a ceremony for medical suppliers and Medline International France received the highest possible rating  (A++) in the 2017 Environmental Index.  This environmental index aims to highlight suppliers that are taking steps to improve their environmental performance, and Medline’s high score will serve as a signal to buyers during the procurement process. 

Medline was ranked second out of 217 participants by CAHPP, a result that reflects our commitment to minimising our environmental impact in our daily operations. CAHPP is not the only customer to recognise our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. Helpevia, a French GPO, scored Medline highly in its 2017 Supplier Sustainable Development Survey. For Helpevia, sustainable development spans economic, social and environmental issues. Medline was assessed favourably in all three spheres, attaining an overall grade of A (the highest possible grade).  

We are proud of this recognition from our customers, as well as the teamwork within Medline that enables us to have impactful and innovative corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Examples of Medline’s CSR activities include:

  • Actively promoting respect for labour and human rights in our supply chains through WRAP certification, our Supplier Code of Conduct and internal audits by Medline’s social compliance auditors.
  • Our breast cancer awareness campaign, which includes the 2017 Pink Glove Photo Competition.
  • Donating medical supplies to underserved communities in collaboration with International Health Partners.
  • Installing 3 770 solar panels in Kleve, Germany in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy consumption.
  • Waste recycling programmes at Châteaubriant and Kleve as part of our contribution to the circular economy.
  • Our Ethics and Compliance programme, which emphasises amongst other things ethics and integrity in everything we do.

More detailed information about Medline’s CSR activities is available on our website here.

About Medline International

Medline International, headquartered in Arnhem, the Netherlands, has direct sales representatives across Europe that support a broad product line of medical and surgical supplies and serve as dedicated points of contact for customers. Medline delivers a robust product portfolio and patient-care solutions to help healthcare providers perform at their very best. Medline International is a part of Medline Industries, Inc. a privately held manufacturer and distributor of quality medical and surgical supplies throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Learn more at

About CAHPP & the environmental index

Sustainability is important to CAHPP. For the past three years, the GPO has invited medical companies from different categories to answer to about 40 questions grouped into six different categories. The environmental index is meant to be a positive reinforcement to increase suppliers’ awareness of environmental issues and encourage ongoing improvement.

About Helpevia and the sustainable development survey

Helpevia, a French GPO created in 1980, is one of the leaders of referencing groups for healthcare facilities. Recently, Helpevia gave “sustainable development” the same weighting as price, product and service for all of its tenders. Suppliers answer a form and the final score ranges from 1 (lowest grade) to 20 (highest grade).   

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