MED-GEL Collected Fluid Solidifier Powder

MED-GEL is a gelling agent to solidify bodily fluids or laboratory liquids. Solidification helps this waste to be considered as solid waste instead of liquid waste for discarding treatment. MED-GEL is available in two formats. The first one is an individual dose of 15 g with a soluble bag that can be easily inserted into a hospital suction canister during the suction procedure. The soluble bag will dissolve when it comes in contact with liquids and solidify the fluids in approximatively 10 minutes. One dose jellifies 1 L of fluids (depending of the composition of the fluids). The second format of MED-GEL is a bulk design of 2 kg available with a small measuring cup to measure the powder, which is brought into contact with the fluids to solidify them.

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