ExuFlow Round Drain (Channelled and Perforated) with Trocar

Medline’s ExuFlow Round Drain with Trocar is an integral part of a closed wound drainage system used to promote wound healing by removing exudate and excess fluid from a patient’s surgical site wound. A closed wound drainage system also prevents any type of environmental contaminants from entering the wound or area being drained. To draw fluid out of the wound incision, this system connects drain tubing to a reservoir (available separately) that uses low negative pressure.

The ExuFlow Round Drain helps improve collateral and provides optimal drainage flow for exudate thanks to its structure with multiple narrow ducts and internal perforation. This creates alternative routes around obstructions. Because it is made of silicone, it ensures biocompatibility, flexibility and great comfort to the patient by delivering low tissue responses to the wound, which minimises possible tissue adhesion during the healing process and reduces tissue trauma when removing the drain. The trocar is preconnected to this drain.

Additional features include:
  •     Clear drain tubing for drainage visibility and inspection
  •     X-ray opaque for increased safety
  •     Indicator dot to assist with drain placement
  •     Various drain sizes and ¾ perforation.

    In addition to this ExuFlow Round Drain, Medline offers various types and sizes of other drains for your closed wound drainage system.
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    Ordering Information

    SKU Drain Size Perforation Pack factor
    SKU: ORHUR195 Drain Size: 19 Perforation: 3/4 Packaging: 10 EA/CS
    SKU: ORHUR151 Drain Size: 15 Perforation: 3/4 Packaging: 10 EA/CS
    SKU: ORHUR101 Drain Size: 10 Perforation: 3/4 Packaging: 10 EA/CS
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