Working Together We Can Deliver More Savings

Medline invests time, money and effort to build effective partnerships with healthcare providers to ensure they achieve maximum value for money from their budgets.

We recognise that achieving savings from contentious areas like surgical drapes can be a major upheaval, which is why your local Medline team will work in partnership with you, not just up to implementation but over the duration of the contract and beyond.

How Can Medline Help You Achieve Savings?

Working in partnership with many healthcare providers in UK and Ireland, we have helped them achieve savings of up to 34% by changing to our recently expanded range of Essential surgical drapes and Dermadine incise drapes.

Essential Drapes with Dermadine Incise Drapes: Total Protection for Less

Essential and dermadine drapes graph

These new and improved surgical drapes give clinicians the total protection they need to safely perform lifesaving operations day in day out while enabling major savings to be achieved year on year.

In order to maximise savings, it is also important to look at these areas of spend as a whole, not just as a series of individual categories.

Join the growing number of healthcare providers working in long term partnerships with Medline, to ensure new efficiencies are achieved year in, year out.

About Essential drapes and Dermadine incise drapes

Essential Surgical Drapes

Over the years, we have all seen great changes in this market, fabrics have evolved as procedures are becoming more complex.

Medline has responded to this by expanding the Essential range of surgical drapes. Not only is it the lowest cost Medline surgical drape but it provides a great combination of high barrier protection (EN13795 HP) with superior absorbent qualities while remaining soft and drapable.

Essential Surgical Drapes

Dermadine Incise Drapes

The benefits of using impregnated incise films has been widely documented including being recommended in the NICE guidelines.

Developed and improved in conjunction with clinicians and key opinion leaders (KOLs), Dermadine is comprised of very soft and comfortable polyurethane film with medical grade adhesive  impregnated with an iodine based solution.

Since its launch, it has received positive feedback with many users preferring it to their current supplier.

Essential Surgical Drapes
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