Dermadrape® Clear Incise Drape

Medline’s Dermadrape Clear Incise Drape creates a second skin on the wound area for an enhanced sterile environment during surgery. It promotes higher safety due to increased sterility and features a very soft and comfortable polyurethane film with a medical adhesive. Features of Medline’s Dermadrape wound drape include:

  • Thin, comfortable, low-glare matte-finish film
  • Strong adhesive with no residue
  • Breathable, water-repellent and waterproof
  • Comfortable and enveloping
  • Long-lasting.

    Medline offers a variety of wound drapes, depending on your needs and the area on a patient’s body where applied. Packaging is simple and accessible as the surgical drapes are individually packed in a peelable sterilisation pouch. This surgical drape is available in multiple dimensions for various needs and preferences.
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    Product Specifications

    Absorbent zone included No
    Asepsis Sterile
    Colour of surgical drape Transparent
    Single use Yes
    Antistatic present Yes

    Ordering Information

    SKU Dimensions Pack factor
    SKU: 33525 Dimensions: 35x25cm, Adh. 30x25cm Packaging: 120 EA/CS
    SKU: 37045 Dimensions: 70x45cm, Adh. 60x45cm Packaging: 90 EA/CS
    SKU: 38080 Dimensions: 80x80cm, Adh. 70x80cm Packaging: 60 EA/CS
    SKU: 32020 Dimensions: 20x20cm, Adh. 15x20cm Packaging: 120 EA/CS
    SKU: 34040 Dimensions: 40x40cm, Adh. 34x40cm Packaging: 90 EA/CS
    SKU: 35050 Dimensions: 50x48cm, Adh. 44x48cm Packaging: 90 EA/CS
    SKU: 38060 Dimensions: 80x60cm, Adh. 60x60cm Packaging: 60 EA/CS
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