Bulb Reservoir for Wound Drainage

Medline’s Bulb Reservoir for Wound Drainage is an integral part of a closed wound drainage system used to promote wound healing by removing exudate and excess fluid from a patient’s surgical site wound. In this system, bulb reservoirs provide both continuous suction pressure and receptacles for fluid collection.

Our reservoirs make it easy to identify the type and amount of exudate at a glance thanks to the clear graduated silicone walls. Additionally, the patient port helps prevent backflow of fluid into the patient thanks to its internal anti-reflux valve. The universal hanger attached to each bulb reservoir increases patient mobility because it can easily be attached to a bed or wheelchair. Finally, the disposable port with a screw cap ensures that you can securely close the bulb and safely dispose of the exudate because the outlet port can be directly connected to a disposable bag.

Medline offers Bulb Reservoir for Wound Drainage in three different sizes: a single port with 100 cc or 200 cc capacity and a dual port with 400 cc. Various drains are also available to connect to this bulb reservoir to complete your wound drainage system.

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SKU: DYNJWE1000 Volume: 400 cc/ml Packaging: 10 EA/CS
SKU: DYNJWE2000 Volume: 200 cc/ml Packaging: 10 EA/CS
SKU: DYNJWE1305 Volume: 100 cc/ml Packaging: 10 EA/CS
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