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QuickSuite® OR Table Kit

QuickSuite® OR Table Kit

Advance your Operating Room

QuickSuite® OR Table Kit


Medline’s QuickSuite® OR Table Kits contain an assortment of disposable components used before and after a surgical procedure to rapidly set up and clean up the OR table.

The Sahara Absorbent OR Table Sheet is a great way to improve both patient comfort during a surgical procedure but also protect the OR table with its impervious layer. The Sahara sheet can be purchased both as a single item or as part of one of our various OR Table Kits.


Medline Europe Quicksuite features

Protects the patient skin and helps reduce cross contamination.

Helps reduce Operating Room turnover time between surgeries.

Helps reduce the associated costs and time for the maintenance of reusable linens.

Quicksuite® OR Table kits include:

Medline Europe Sahara super absorbent OR table sheet

• Sahara OR Table Sheet
• Draw/Lift sheet
• Arm-board covers
• Headboard cover

Sahara Absorbent OR Table Sheet Features

• Core polymer technology rapidly wicks moisture away, maintaining skin integrity

• Measures 102x229 cm or 102x152 cm for full OR table coverage 

• Quilted for smooth surface

• Disposable design creates low risk for harboring bacteria

• Radiolucent

• Sahara Grippy is ideal for surgical procedures that require a tilted position

These products are non sterile class I medical devices. 

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