Prime Vendor


The Prime Vendor solution in Europe is provided via Medline Services entities, which operate separately from the rest of the Medline group. Prime Vendor supports healthcare facilities dealing with major supply chain challenges.

Prime Vendor buys medical consumables from multiple suppliers, consolidates them on one platform and delivers them to multisite care providers. With this solution, we become your partner, helping you manage your supply chain, offer custom solutions, cut costs and ensure the consistency of care.

Deal with only one intermediary for your whole supply chain.

Prime Vendor supply chainPrime Vendor supply chain

What is Prime Vendor?

Today’s supply chain is more and more complex, including numerous actors and countless products. Healthcare facilities are also facing a difficult period where clinicians are understandably requesting more ‘care’ time for patients, which takes time away from administrative tasks. With Prime Vendor, we handle the supply chain tasks so you can concentrate on what you do best: taking care of patients.

With one single order and delivery, you get all your consumables (from all suppliers) from one entity: Medline Services. And you specify the details of the delivery (e.g. location, time, product organisation: per ward, in boxes or on racks).

A supply chain solution tailored to your facility

Flow simplification: this system allows hospitals to generate savings and improve product availability.

Supplier relations, product selection and price negotiations are still managed by customers.

The Prime Vendor team audits your facility to tailor a solution for your supply chain configuration.

How does it work?

There are three main steps in the development of your Prime Vendor service:

1. Business case

With your input and our expertise, we will prepare a solid business case that shows what Prime Vendor’s impact will be.

2. Implementation

A dedicated Medline Services implementation team will guarantee a smooth transition to the Prime Vendor solution.

3. Continuous improvement

After implementation, we will continue to support you with all your requests, questions and projects. We will also make sure you are informed about our latest innovations, such as:

  • Inventory management solutions
  • Value-added logistics services
  • Reporting and analytics.

What are the advantages for my facility?

Prime Vendor aims to redesign your supply chain to improve the full process. This solution has an effect on four main areas within your facility:





  • Consolidate daily orders.
  • Reduce the number of deliveries.
  • Share inventory between all clinics.
  • Decrease inventory and free up space in all clinics.
  • Eliminate obsolescence.
  • Simplify and reduce administrative tasks.
  • Provide a standardised service for all clinics.
  • Offer a dedicated and fast transportation solution.
  • Improve cash flow.
  • Enhance supplier and product rationalisation.
  • Support product cost negotiations.


Each solution is customised to address the challenges you are facing. In addition, through this partnership, our internal auditors will be always on your side to develop and adapt the solution following your own growth and development ideas.

Are you interested in hearing a customer testimonial?


Please watch our video below about how the Mercy Health hospital in the USA integrated our solution, the impact it has had on their day-to-day goals and their next development steps.

Testimonial from Mercy hospital (US)

The Prime Vendor solution in Europe is provided via Medline Services entities, which operate separately from the rest of the Medline group.