Medline launches full range of premium surgical gloves in Europe


Introducing nine new gloves to complete a comprehensive portfolio

After years of preparation and development, Medline is excited to announce the launch of our Signature Latex and SensiCare PI (polyisoprene) surgical glove lines. The addition of these new gloves gives Medline arguably the most comprehensive portfolio available in the market.

Medline has been selling surgical gloves since 1999, and while technologies have evolved over the years, the company’s commitment to providing quality solutions that address customer needs has remained unchanged. This customer focus continues to be Medline’s driving force and has resulted in end-user-inspired innovation that tackles the challenges faced by healthcare professionals on a daily basis.

A great example of this innovation is Aloetouch® technology, which Medline introduced in 1999. Surgeons and scrub staff had been complaining of dry, irritated hands, so Medline listened and came up with a groundbreaking solution to this problem by bringing the soothing and moisturising properties of aloe vera to medical gloves. Medline patented a revolutionary process to extract 100 per cent pure organic aloe vera gel, freeze-dry it and coat it evenly on the inner surface of the glove. Body heat activates the aloe coating to moisturise the hands, and the results and testimonials have been remarkable. An independent study substantiated that those who have, or are at risk of having, irritant contact dermatitis, particularly occupationally related, show a marked improvement in their skin quality with the use of aloe vera gel gloves. Furthermore, during hospital surveys, respondents preferred Aloetouch gloves to their current gloves and noticed a significant difference in how their hands felt after the trial period. Medline continues to use this technology in some exam and surgical gloves, including the newly launched Signature Latex Green and SensiCare PI Green surgical gloves.

New gloves added to the portfolio:

The latest user-inspired innovation to shape the Medline surgical glove portfolio is the new and improved hand mould used to make all of our new surgical gloves. Some users expressed issues with hand fatigue while wearing gloves with curved fingers for extended periods of time. Medline’s goal was to create a glove former to improve comfort, reduce hand fatigue and optimally fit the overwhelming majority of wearers. The new moulds use a fluted shaft design to reduce cuff roll down and have straight fingers and an independent thumb for maximum comfort and minimal hand fatigue. The feedback Medline has received from surgeons so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

‘The launch of these new gloves shows Medline’s commitment to providing a full range of surgical gloves to meet all the needs of our customers. With a larger glove portfolio, we can continue to expand our business in the European market,’ notes Group President Tripp Amdur. From entry-level latex gloves, such as OR Standard PF and Triumph Classic, to our highly specialised radiation attenuation polyisoprene SensiCare Shield, Medline offers a glove to fit different user needs and preferences for every type of surgery.

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