Medline Assembly France and the Éval’Mutualisation Project: ‘Individual Needs for Common Interests’*


Châteaubriant, where Medline Assembly France produces SPT packs, is part of the Châteaubriant-Derval community of communes. Châteaubriant is located in a vast rural area quite far from the three nearest cities: Angers, Nantes and Rennes. The local business community in Châteaubriant-Derval spearheaded a mutualisation project to brainstorm ways they can collaborate in order to develop a local circular economy. The local community of communes council has aided in this endeavour by hosting meetings and even sponsoring the creation of a video explaining this project. The video not only summarises the actions that the community plans on introducing but also highlights Medline’s reputation in the medical field and reinforces our collaborative efforts towards sustainable development. Aymeric Dhainaut, Medline’s EHS supervisor, is part of the consortium and his interview is featured in the video.

Here is a link to the video** (for those of you who understand French). But we have also selected a few of the key messages from the video and provided an English translation of these quotes.

  • ‘With 15,000 employees worldwide Medline does not need recognition; however, the company has enrolled in an action called Éval'Mutualisation. Already engaged in an environmental process, Medline seeks to go further by creating other synergies with companies in the business community.’ –Video narrator
  • ‘[The idea is] to share the means: trainings, intercompany equipment. […] Some types of waste, like electronic and electrical, are not removed regularly, and that [service] could be shared.’ –Aymeric Dhainaut, Medline’s EHS supervisor
  • ‘We realize that business leaders do not know what the others are doing. [...] The goal is to bring people together to pool resources.’ –Alain Duval, vice president in charge of the economy, employment and training

Some of the planned community actions include optimising local waste management, reusing packaging materials, increasing recycling, ordering shared materials in larger quantities and offering ride-sharing opportunities for employees of different companies. This mutualisation project fully supports all three of Medline’s CSR pillars (People, Planet, Profit). By breaking this feeling of geographic isolation and contributing to a local dynamic and growth, Medline is helping develop more community links, which increases employee well-being. In addition, better coordination of waste management and a larger network of potential ride-sharers can decrease carbon emissions. Furthermore, sharing materials and reusing packaging contribute to lower costs for Medline and our customers.

As one of the largest employers in Châteaubriant, Medline is a key player in this effort and an active member of the community. Through this effort, Medline is encouraging its employees to get to know their neighbours, so to say, which can stimulate networking and the sharing of best practices. Overall, this long-term mutualisation project is making Châteaubriant-Derval a better place to live and work, and we can be proud that Medline is taking such an active role in this effort.

* The quote in the title has also been translated from the video.
** Video credit: Réalisation Com Son Image – CCCD

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