Medline Adds to Its Video Library


In a growing library of product- and service-related videos, Medline has just added two new films about its Clear Thermo Cover, one thoroughly explaining its use and the other highlighting its benefits. The Clear Thermo Cover is made of a strong, puncture-resistant polyethylene film and serves as a cost-effective way to keep sterile water in your operating theatre at an optimal temperature. It fits most stainless steel bowls that are available on the market and can be used with or without a warmer. Sterility and efficiency are priorities in the operating theatre, and Medline’s Clear Thermo Cover is a practical way to avoid the expensive and labour-intensive cleaning and re-sterilisation process involved with reusable bowls.

Medline Employee Becomes a Stem Cell Donor


Carsten, who works for Medline Germany, grew up knowing that his father had saved a life. Carsten’s father was a stem cell donor whose donation gave a Canadian woman a second chance at life, and lead to a lifelong friendship. Inspired by this amazing story, Carsten decided to become a donor himself through DKMS, a German organisation dedicated to fighting blood cancers and matching donors with recipients, when he was 21.

Read the press release here.

Medline Releases Its 2018 Sustainability Report


Medline International B.V. has published its second annual Sustainability Report, demonstrating the company’s commitment to improving patient care and enhancing the quality of people’s lives. The report covers Medline’s social, environmental and economic activities and impact (people, planet, profit) in Europe in 2017. In the context of Medline’s European operations, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is synonymous with sustainability. Our CSR focus areas are labour and human rights, environmental initiatives, breast cancer awareness and charitable giving, all of which are featured in the 2018 report, among other topics. You can read more about the Sustainability Report in our recent press release or access the full report here.

Medline Honoured with ‘Efficiency in the Operating Theatre’ Award


The Spanish newspaper La Razón and the Spanish Minister of Health Carmen Montón honoured Medline Iberia with the A Tu Salud (To Your Health) ‘Efficiency in the Operating Theatre’ award. A Tu Salud is an editorial supplement of La Razón covering health, healthcare and medical technology. This award recognises Medline’s leadership in customised sterile procedure trays, which heavily contribute to efficiency and innovation in hospital management. Medline’s excellent logistical services and high-quality and environmentally friendly products were also highlighted. You can read more about this award in our press release or in La Razón’s full article (in Spanish).

Putting Suicide Rates for Healthcare Professionals in the Spotlight


Medline US’s The Voices of Healthcare blog recently addressed the alarmingly high suicide rates amongst healthcare professionals, especially for women in this field. This issue is not limited to the United States; statistics in the UK also show that female healthcare providers (nurses in particular) have a suicide rate 24 per cent higher than the general population. The Lancet also addressed the urgency of this topic, set against the backdrop of a burnout epidemic in the UK. Medline’s blog suggests three strategies to combat this concerning trend and start a conversation about burnout and suicide:

  • Address the stress.
  • Confront the burnout.
  • Recognise that mental illness exists.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, then we encourage you to talk about these feelings with someone you trust. The NHS offers excellent tips about this subject and suicide hotline numbers.

Medline launches third annual European Pink Glove Photo Competition


Medline is proud to announce that the European Pink Glove Photo Competition (PGPC) is back for the third year in a row! In this competition, we invite healthcare workers to take creative pictures of themselves wearing our pink gloves, which are posted on Facebook and voted on. The PGPC is one of the many ways that Medline contributes to breast cancer awareness and funding. And this year, there will be three prizes in the form of donations to the first, second and third place winners. You can register for the competition here before 7 September 2018. Please visit our Facebook page for more information.

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