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Medline rang in the New Year with the launch of its own surgical glove lines: Signature Latex and SensiCare PI. The addition of these nine new gloves to Medline’s existing portfolio provides healthcare professionals with a wide array of gloves to fit varying user needs and preferences, for every type of surgery. Medline takes innovation and customer needs seriously, and these gloves have been designed with the end user in mind. We are addressing issues ranging from hand fatigue to latex and accelerator allergies. To read more about our new portfolio, please click here; and for more information on Medline’s commitment to allergy reduction, please click here.

In addition, we are a resource for healthcare professionals and our goal is to keep you updated on industry knowledge and best practices. For gloves, this involves topics like double gloving, allergies, going powder free and skin irritation. Please see our Knowledge Base for further information on selecting the right gloves and skincare.

‘The Beginning of a New Story’: Collaboration between Hardis Group and Medline Assembly France


FAQ Logistique, a French logistics portal followed by supply chain professionals, has published the Hardis Group’s press release (in French) announcing Medline Assembly France’s adoption of its Reflex WMS (warehouse management software) at the Châteaubriant facility. Three other websites specialised in logistics software and supply chain have also covered this story. The need for this software arose with an increase in activity and the desire for additional capacity improvement.

Consulting company, digital services and software publisher Hardis Group supports its customers in the transformation of their business model, their digital value chain and logistics execution. The Reflex WMS system is 20 years in the making and will enable the new Medline warehouse to optimise its processes and the reception, storage and delivery of products. This software also allows Medline to internalise logistics activities that were previously subcontracted. So far, manufacturing project leader Loic Le Guehennec and manufacturing director Guillaume Monsallier report that optimisation, efficiency, stocking and restocking have already improved, and they foresee numerous project and learning opportunities to form an even stronger supply chain in the future.

Please find the links to the press release and articles below:
FAQ Logistique press release
ITR News
IT Channel

Circular Economy Development: Medline Assembly France and the Éval’Mutualisation Project


Medline Assembly France’s SPT production facility is part of the Châteaubriant-Derval community of communes. The local business community in Châteaubriant-Derval spearheaded a mutualisation project to brainstorm ways they can collaborate in order to develop a local circular economy. Some of the planned community actions include optimising local waste management, reusing packaging materials, increasing recycling, ordering shared materials in larger quantities and offering ride-sharing opportunities for employees of different companies. Supported by the local community of communes council, communication agency Com Son Image has even created a video (in French) summarising these activities and highlighting Medline’s role in the project.

To learn more about this project and what it means for the local community in Châteaubriant, please read our press release here.

Medline Restore® Gloves Recognised in Professional Journals


Two professional journals have recently featured articles on Medline’s study into the effects of frequent handwashing and wearing gloves. Hand hygiene and handwashing and glove compliance are vital for safety in a medical facility, but 94 per cent of nurses surveyed reported hand irritation and 66 per cent said that this irritation decreased their job satisfaction. To combat this problem, Medline introduced the Restore glove, which is coated with colloidal oatmeal on the inside and helps maintain the skin’s moisture and prevent conditions associated with dry skin.

Becker’s ASC Review mentioned the key statistics from Medline’s study and included a link to the white paper, which features Restore.

In addition, the European Cleaning Journal, which targets senior-level decision makers in the European cleaning industry, also published an article highlighting the findings from Medline’s study and emphasised Medline’s commitment to improving job satisfaction and health through its gloves.

Read Medline white paper
Click here for more information about Restore gloves

Medline and the United Nations sustainable development goals


Medline strives to contribute to a better world for current and future generations through our corporate social responsibility programme. We support the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs), a set of actions identified by the UN as essential to improve the wellbeing of all populations around the world. Medline’s CSR initiatives that are aligned with the SDGs include:

• We donate product and raise awareness of breast cancer (SDG #3)
• We monitor and manage gender as one of our employee diversity indicators (SDG #5)
• We use solar and geothermal energy in our operations (SDG #7)
• We optimise our product packaging and implement recycling programmes (SDG #12)
• We measure our carbon footprint and submit an annual report to the CDP (SDG #13)

Learn more about our social responsibility activities

Congratulations to the winner of the Pink Glove Photo Competition 2017!


Medline is proud to announce the winner of the Pink Glove Photo Competition 2017: Feel the (g)love by Dr. Anastasia Pazaiti from Greece.

Their photo received more than 4000 likes. They will be awarded with a 1000€ donation to the charity of their choice. In total, we received 38 pictures this year from all around Europe. We would like to thank all of the participants for their great pictures, we were really impressed by their creativity and commitment. Congratulations to the winner of the Pink Glove Photo Competition 2017!

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