Vaginal Birth Delivery Pack II

Medline’s Vaginal Birth Delivery Pack helps increase speed and efficiency when preparing for vaginal delivery. Its contents help you run a safe and efficient operating theatre by providing all items needed for the vaginal delivery procedure in the pack.

<br>Medline’s vaginal delivery pack, designed for labour and delivery, includes:

  • A drape<br>
  • A table cover<br>
  • A baby blanket<br>
  • A placenta tray<br>
  • An under-buttocks drape<br>
  • A set of two sponge sticks<br>
  • An absorbent hand towel<br>
  • A set of 10 four-layered, non-woven swabs<br>
  • A transparent graduated cup <br>
  • A reinforced, graduated pouch drape.
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    Single use Yes

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