Universal Surgical Clipper Blade

Medline’s Universal Surgical Clipper Blade is designed for most preoperative hair removal needs and can be used almost anywhere on the body. Our Universal Surgical Blade promotes quick and efficient shaving while simultaneously protecting the patient’s skin.

These multi-purpose surgical blades are non-sterile and disposable and can be used with Medline’s Surgical Hair Clipper. These single-use attachments can be easily attached or removed from the clipper, which includes alignment marks to ensure secure placement. When using an electric clipper versus a razor, you are helping preserve the skin’s integrity and preventing nicks and cuts.

Medline’s Surgical Clipper provides safety, convenience and efficiency in preoperative hair removal, and is designed for:
  • Performance: longer battery life
  • Outcomes: water-resistant and easy to disinfect

  • Clinicians: pen-like grip for comfort and control
  • Patients: single-patient-use for sharpness and safety

  • Simplicity: simple, one-switch control with wall-mount or freestanding charging base.

    In addition, the clipper offers a natural grip, an optimal cutting angle and the ability to work while wet or dry for simple cleaning, disinfection and use. It also offers versatility, as it is compatible with other blade types besides this one for multi-purpose use.

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