Tie-On Ice Bag

Medline’s Tie-On Ice Bag is a universal ice bag equipped with four ties, which allows the bag to be attached directly to numerous areas on the body, including legs, arms, shoulders and more.

The Tie-On Ice Bag has a reusable closure that provides an easy and efficient way to refill the bag for repeated use on a single patient. Each packaged box includes 25 reusable Tie-On Ice Bags, which are available in two different sizes.

While the soft, spunbond outer layer protects the skin from ice burns, the dual-layer inner lining simultaneously keeps the moisture in the bag as the ice beings to melt.

Medline’s reusable and single-patient-use ice bags work by applying cold to a particular area to reduce blood circulation, which can help significantly reduce the inflammation and localised swelling that causes pain, especially around a joint or tendon.

Utilising Medline’s ice bags for cold therapy treatment will not compromise a patient’s health, unlike normal ice bags, which could be filled with contaminated ice. Medline is committed to meeting a wide variety of customer treatment needs, which is why we offer a wide range of cold therapy products in different shapes and sizes.

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