Sterile Wide Bore Tubing

Flexible and easy to use, Medline’s single-use Sterile Wide Bore Tubing is thick enough to eliminate collapse under high vacuum pressure during uterine aspiration. For improved usability, the tubing helps maximise volume flow or drainage thanks to its large bore and is transparent for easy visibility.

The Sterile Wide Bore Tubing fit the most popular styles of curettes, including Medline’s curette in a straight or curved design. It also adapts to most vacuum source connections. In addition, tubing is available with or without a swivel handle. To ensure comfort and convenience for surgeons, our swivel handle is made of clear rigid plastic with a handle that rotates a full 360˚. For comfortable, positive control during medical procedures, it comes equipped with a thumb-indexed ring that slides easily over the suction vents.

Both our Sterile Wide Bore Tubing with a swivel handle and without are available in a standard 10 millimetre inner diameter and come with female and male connectors (for connection to a suction machine, if required). Furthermore, the tubing is available in a 2 or 3 metre length.

Product Specifications

Single use Yes

Ordering Information

SKU Sterile Length Type of connector Internal diameter of the hose Pack factor
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