Sterile Suture Boots

Sterile Suture Boots allow surgeons to grasp sutures without damaging them during skin closure by covering the tips of instruments and haemostats.

To increase patient safety, Medline packages these X-ray detectable suture boots in a foam block for easy counting after closing the skin. Additionally, our suture protection boots are available in a variety of colours and sizes. The different colours provide easy identification and handling while using this product. There are two available sizes: the standard suture protection boot, which has a 0.16 centimetre inner diameter, and the large suture protection boot, which has a 0.24 centimetre inner diameter.

These Sterile Suture Boots are a part of Medline’s OR necessities portfolio, which includes all the separate sterile components found in your surgical packs. These components help you:
  • Improve standardisation

  • Increase safety

  • Control your costs.

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