Sterile Stainless Steel Active Electrode

Medline’s Sterile Stainless Steel Active Electrodes are designed to fit most electrosurgical pencils thanks to their standard 2.4 millimetre shaft design. These single-use, disposable and sterile active surgical electrodes are manufactured to exacting tolerances and offer high quality and performance.

To meet various electrosurgery needs, Medline offers five different stainless steel surgical electrodes in the following styles:
  • Ball electrode, 5 millimetre diameter, 5 centimetre length

  • Needle electrode, 7 centimetres
  • Blade electrode, 7 centimetres

  • Extended blade electrode, 15 centimetres
  • Extended needle electrode, 15 centimetres

    All tips under 7.62 centimetres can be easily changed out, even under wet conditions, thanks to their ribbed insulation feature. Furthermore, Medline’s electrosurgery portfolio also includes different types of electrosurgical pencils plus accessories.

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