Sterile PTFE Coated Non-Stick Active Electrode

Medline’s Sterile PTFE-Coated Non-Stick Active Electrodes are designed to fit most electrosurgical pencils thanks to their standard 2.4 millimetre shaft design, and are made with the same non-stick compound found in Teflon®. This coating allows the electrodes to be easily cleaned with a wet piece of gauze or sponge, opposed to an abrasive scratch pad. Another design feature of our non-stick electrodes includes round edges, which prevent the RF current from concentrating too much energy in one area.

These single-use, disposable and sterile surgical electrodes are manufactured to exacting tolerances and offer high quality and performance.

Medline offers various styles and sizes of PTFE-Coated Non-Stick Active Electrodes:

  • 15 centimetre, needle electrode
  • 15 centimetre, blade electrode

  • 10 centimetre, blade electrode extension insulation

  • 7 centimetre, needle electrode
  • 7 centimetre, blade electrode

  • 7 centimetre, blade electrode extended insulation.

    All PTFE-coated tips can be easily changed out, even under wet conditions, thanks to their ribbed insulation feature. Furthermore, Medline’s electrosurgery portfolio also includes different types of electrosurgical pencils plus accessories.

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