Single Tread Fall Prevention Slipper Socks

Medline offers anti-slip slipper socks with a single-sided tread, providing a continuous grip and helping reduce falls by ensuring patients have added security while on their feet.

Single-Tread Falls Prevention Slipper Socks have an absorbent terrycloth interior that helps keep feet dry and comfortable by absorbing perspiration during wear.

Similar to the double-tread slipper socks, the single-tread slipper socks have slip-resistant gripper treads fused to the sole of the sock, which provide traction help, preventing patients from slipping and falling. The single-tread option helps contain costs while still providing patient comfort.

Medline’s Falls Prevention Slipper Socks are generously sized, providing a wide range of colour-coded sizes for various users, including a convenient one-size-fits-most option and two paediatric sizes. The colour-coded sizing system promotes easy identification by staff, and the sizing is also indicated on the slipper’s sole.

In addition to socks, Medline has a broad portfolio of other falls prevention products. And beyond the products, Medline Europe is a committed partner in helping our customers prevent falls and reduce injuries from falls by strengthening their falls management programme.

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