Signature Latex Essential Surgical Gloves

Medline’s Signature Latex Essential Surgical Gloves are sterile, powder-free latex gloves made with an EZ glide polymer coating for effortless damp and dry hand donning. These latex gloves are thinner than standard surgical gloves, making them an ideal option for general surgical use as well as surgeries that require more tactile sensitivity as the fingertip thickness is 0.21 millimetres.

These smooth-grip, easy-glide gloves have a powder-free polymer lining that gives the gloves a flexible coating, which allows for stretching of the glove in unison with the latex. Powder-free gloves help reduce powder-related skin irritation and post-operative complications.

The new hand mould used to make these gloves is anatomical with straight fingers and an independent thumb. This design feature helps increase comfort levels and reduce fatigue during prolonged procedures.

The Signature Latex Surgical Glove is designed with a beaded cuff to reduce roll-down during use and can be used as part of a double-gloving system. Double gloving refers to the use of two gloves together to provide an additional barrier for the skin and further reduce the risk of cross-contamination during general surgery. The double-gloving method is proven to reduce glove perforations that go unnoticed, providing greater security for healthcare providers.

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