Sensicare PI Ortho Surgical Gloves

SensiCare PI Ortho are sterile, polyisoprene, latex-free, powder-free surgical gloves. Heavy-duty SensiCare PI Ortho gloves provide extra protection because they are 40 per cent thicker than standard gloves.

These heavy-duty gloves with a finger thickness of 0.31 millimetres, provide high resistance to tearing, and are best used in orthopaedic procedures and other procedures where a thick barrier may be necessary, such as trauma, labour and delivery, and reconstructive surgery.

Thanks to their unique synthetic Isolex polyisoprene formulation, the chemical structure of these gloves is identical to natural rubber latex, but without latex proteins. Therefore, these sterile and powder-free gloves provide the same comfort and performance of latex without the risk of latex allergies.

Additionally, SensiCare PI Ortho gloves are coated with a synthetic polymer that assists with damp hand donning. The mould for this glove is anatomical with a smooth grip, ideal for orthopaedic procedures. This hand mould also provides increased comfort and reduced hand fatigue.

This cream-coloured glove has a cuff design that is tapered and beaded to prevent roll-down during use.

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