Patient KareBag

Keeping a patient’s belongings at his or her bedside reduces clutter and keeps everything safely within reach, reducing the risk of falls and simultaneously providing improved patient care and comfort.

Medline’s Patient KareBag can be simply attached to a patient’s bed, walker or wheelchair to create a neater and more organised environment with everything conveniently nearby.

Due to the size and structure of the KareBag, patients are less likely to lose personal items, like glasses, dentures and hearing aids.

Not only does the KareBag reduce clutter, but it also eliminates the need to overreach for patient belongings, which helps reduce the risk of falls.

Additionally, each patient bag is colour-coded yellow, the colour commonly associated with patients at a high risk of falling. This colour discreetly identifies these patients and asks for increased staff attentiveness.

Medline’s exclusive range of yellow falls prevention products, like the KareBag, allow you to effortlessly introduce visual cueing at your facility. For patients at risk of falls, there are high costs involved in terms of distress, pain and loss of independence, which is why Medline offers products that are recommended to use in order to help prevent falls in your facility.

And beyond the products, Medline Europe is a committed partner in helping our customers prevent falls and reduce injuries from falls by strengthening their falls management programme.

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