ORNEX Non-Sterile Suction Tubing Roll

Medline’s ORNEX Non-Sterile Suction Tubing Roll is a low-memory surgical tubing that is strong, collapse resistant and non-conductive. ORNEX single-use roll tubing cuts easily to the desired length and features double female connectors at 1.8 metre intervals. This means that the double female connectors can be cut down the middle to create one 1.8 metre tube with two separate female connectors on the ends. To connect the tubing to a suction catheter or connect tubing together, 16 male connectors are also included in the roll tubing dispenser box.

Our easy-to-cut ORNEX tubing remains securely on the operating table and resists sliding thanks to its anti-slip surface. In addition, our non-sterile suction tubing ensures a secure and maximum flow rate thanks to its structure, which avoids internal bottlenecks. In addition, our flexible and kink-resistant tubing is particularly suitable for use with a high vacuum.

Medline’s roll tubing is not only easy to cut, but it also can fit securely on a wide range of suction machines and instruments thanks to its ribbed female connectors and the included male connectors. The ORNEX tubing roll is 30 metres long and can be cut into 16 1.8 metre suction tubes. It is available with an inner diameter of 5, 6 or 7 millimetres. Medline offers a wide range of suction tubing products, including sterile ORNEX tubing too.

Product Specifications

Single use Yes

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