Ophthalmic IVT Pack III

Medline’s Ophthalmic IVT Pack helps with staff efficiency when preparing for procedures, by way of two available standard intravitreal injections. Our OR supplies are designed to help you run a safe and efficient operating theatre.

<br>The intravitreal injections pack includes:<br> <br>
  • A pro-OPHTA<br>
  • A table cover <br>
  • A scleral marker <br>
  • A fenestrated drape <br>
  • A set of 5 non-woven swabs<br>
  • A four-layered swab <br>
  • A set of 2 eye sticks <br>
  • A single cup, 60 ml<br>
  • A plastic kocher clamp <br>
  • A non-woven sponge balls<br>
  • An eye speculum instrument.
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    Single use Yes

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