NBT Non-Sterile Suction Bubble Tubing

Medline’s NBT Non-Sterile Suction Bubble Tubing is cut-to-size universal tubing that comes in a roll. The design of this tubing makes it easy to cut in order to achieve the required length or a tapered end to fit any suction catheter or suction tip because the bubbles are located at 0.9 metre intervals. To adapt the diameter of the connection, the bubble can be easily trimmed down to fit any accessory.

Our NBT Non-Sterile Suction Bubble Tubing is available in a 30 metre tubing roll with a 5 or 7 millimetre diameter. Furthermore, for easy access, each roll is available in a dispenser box. Medline’s portfolio of tubing products are strong, collapse-resistant and kink-resistant while still being flexible.

Product Specifications

Single use Yes

Ordering Information

SKU Sterile Length Type of connector Internal diameter of the hose Pack factor
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