Medi-Loop® Sterile Surgical Vessel Loops

Medi-Loop® Sterile Surgical Vessel Loops are used to occlude, retract and identify vessels, veins, nerves and tendons during surgical procedures.

These disposable vessel loops maintain their visibility throughout the procedure because they are made of durable, radiopaque, medical-grade silicone and are fluid-repellent. In order to prevent tangling from occurring, Medi-Loop Vessels are wrapped neatly.

This surgical safety product is available in four bright colours, which promotes easy identification, and two sizes, Maxi-Loops and Mini-Loops.

These vessel identification loops are part of Medline’s OR Necessities product line, which includes all separate sterile components found in your surgical packs. These components help you:
  • Improve standardisation

  • Increase surgical safety

  • Control your costs

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