Invisishield Fluid Collection Pouch 3 with Filter & Drain Valve

Medline’s Fluid Collection Pouch with a Filter and Drain Valve provides better residue-free adhesion thanks to a wide adhesive area, in addition to easy removal thanks to its handy tabs. The user will also experience improved fluid control due to a micro-screen, and improved filtering thanks to a built-in suction port with a fitted cap. Enhanced performance is also afforded to the user, by way of a mouldable strip.

<br>Measuring 56 x 36 centimetres, the single-pack operating room fluid collection pouch comes with a straight adhesive strip for easy attachment. Our fluid pouches are non-linting and tear-resistant, and have a waxy paper release liner, as well as a heavy, low-glare matte-finish film.

<br>Our anti-static, blue, sterile fluid collection pouch is recommended for use during CV, orthopaedic, neurology, urology and general surgery. Medline also offers a large range of draping accessories to complement all drapes and packs with extra components, as well as a variety of operating room fluid collection pouches that are clear, impervious and drapeable.

Product Specifications

Absorbent zone included No
Asepsis Sterile
Colour of surgical drape Transparent
Single use Yes
Antistatic present Yes

Ordering Information

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